Monday, November 26, 2007

Who's the turkey at the table?? Weekend Wrap-up

The mega-weekend started on Wednesday as I headed out to a neighborhood buddies house for a 'friendly' game of HORSE rotations. This is at least how it was explained to me.

What I experienced was more akin to dick slinging competitions. No worries for me. I was underfunded, but I knew how to beat this game. This is what my neighborhood game devolves to on the way to utter fonkeyness.

I should have known, yes. JewFro (no he's not Jewish and I'm not anti-Semite, he has a JewFro, get over it.) and his brother BigBalls don't have the slightest idea how to run a friendly game. Their idea of friendly is letting you keep your car, but not the title.

Sooo, as I pull up and LF is in the driveway trying to figure out how to lock his car while putting a dip in, talking on his phone, carrying a 12 pack while stumbling drunk at the same time.

I licketh my chops already.

LF goes on to tell me how lucky he is, despite being in a fight with his wife, he just got himself out of a DUI and figured poker is in order. genius

We sat down and shoot the shit for awhile, waiting for more players. LF described his awesome luck in more detail. Finally, we get 2 more neighborhood regulars, Swift and the Dutch Oven. JewFro began to dole out chips...

LF buys in for 300, JF for 200, BB for 200, and the Dutch oven and I exchange looks.

"So much for friendly", says Dutch and I agree with 100 a piece in front of us. JF started to recant, but I say, no worries, its limit, right.....well, sorta.

Now a smart poker player can excuse himself from a game he doesn't belong. A donkey who wants to play regardless ignores such possibilities and decides he can outplay the rest of the table.

We began to play 1/2 limit HORSE with $5max after the turn. After describing RAZZ for the fifth time, the game turns into HO.... which is fine by me.

Dutch busts on the second orbit of OH/8 and leaves in somewhat of a huff. I completely understand his problem, since the table is loose as hell and he didn't want (couldn't) put more money at risk.

I was playing frogs ass tight and had scooped a pretty nice OH8 pot, and bluffed a hold'em pot to get roughly 3x my starting stack.

3 more players I've never played with before showed up and we began playing Pot-limit hold'em and OH/8 dealer's choice.

Long story I get stacked in OH8 when my nut flush gets boated on the river. JF stakes me another 200 and I have to go back to building mode. Meanwhile LF has played nearly every pot dealt and had been raising like a maniac. He LF'ed into a huge stack, and I knew I could get my chips back from him.

By the end of the night I had 700 in front of me and LF was into JF for a grand. Crazy fucker I tell you.

Of course the house can't pay me at the end of the night as LF has mortgaged the game. I'm cool about it though as I know they are good for it and settle for half of my profit for the time being. I looked at my phone and realized we had played till 5Am..ugh.

I got myself a snack and went home. The wife was sweet enough to let me sleep till about 10AM. (little did I know that she had stayed up till 4am with her sister)

I managed to make it through 2 T-Day dinners with my wits intact .

I got a little bit of cards in on Bodog over the weekend. I started playing $25 max tables, which ain't so smart when you have a $100 to play poker with. I got stacked twice in short succession (KK vs AA) (AK vs QQ - AKQflop)

So I moved down to the $10 max tables and built it back up to 75 in a few short sessions on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I've REALLY had to adjust my play at Bodog, which I think is good overall, these tables are sooo juicy so far.

Saturday morning we drove up to Watkinsville to visit my uncle who is a very talented potter. He has a yearly show that we always make it to. Usually my sister and brother are there with their kids. So it another chance of all of us to get together. Since my brother moved to Phoenix though, he was absent.

Saturday afternoon was a great day football wise as my 2 bets on GA and Kentucky came through. My sister and the rest of her crew came over to play and watch the games.

I also won my week of my college football pick'em league with 14/20 against the number. This ties me with the wins leader (3) and puts me 2 points behind in the season standings.

Sunday was a fine day of relaxing mixed with cleaning. I celebrated by grilling a couple bone in rib-eye. The quality wasnt the greatest, so I dry rubbed them with a bit of red pepper, cayenne and sea salt. Turned out not so bad, I'm gonna turn the left overs into some kick ass fajitas, I tell you what.

Eventually, I will get back on FT for the end of the BBT2 and see if my lottery numbers hit, but for now I'm enjoying a bit of a break.

I hope you all had a safe and relaxing break, see you around.

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