Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Around the horn

It is a blissful HUMPday and I'm ready for vacation already....just a few days now and it's to Costa Rica for a week.....oh sweet salvation.

I've played a few BBT4 tourneys and I'm non-plussed, it's discouraging yet expected to see some of the same play I see in the $3 games. I get pissed sure, but I'm gonna keep it to myself (for the most part) since I feel pretty good in my play. Other than the fact that I'm tending to be weak/passive recently.

The thing is that nothing surprises me anymore. The moron hoping for his 1 to 4 outer will hit and that's fine.

God bless.

For some reason this is still 'fun' for me more because of the presence of a select few who I still chat with and the others, who I just laugh at.

I'll post once more before I'm out for a week or so, I have to lend yet another example of the fact that bloggers marry up.

My wife graduates law school Friday and has been chosen as the speaker for her class. Hopefully she gives me the thumbs up to post the speech here. Stay tuned.