Friday, February 25, 2011

Otis reminded me.

I read this post by Otis just a few minutes ago and was reminded of this story:

Some background:
My soon to be wife and I decided we wanted some very special wedding rings. We are both of Irish descent, but not thoroughly steeped in the Irish traditions other than a healthy (or not so) taste for adult beverages. However it was our bright idea that we would have crafted for us, unique Irish knot wedding rings. We researched our lineages for designs and found a unique and not-too girly design that we would have fashioned into rings. Long story short we had these beautiful yet heavy rings crafted in 14K gold with a nice diamond nugget for my wife being the only real design difference. These were expensive rings.

Fast forward a few years and we were at my cousin's lake house. I was teaching my children to hang on for dear life to the inner-tube while my cousin sped. I remember thinking about removing my ring, but decided, nah we won't be going too fast because of the kids. Well, I decided to let my cousin pull just me and he punished the everliving crap out of me. I distinctly remember my final dismount as he ran me into a huge wake going about 30mph. I was floating gleefully through the air, arms and legs splayed and I felt the tug of my ring leaving my finger. I tried shifting my body towards the giant golden circle floating towards the cool blue water (that slo-mo NOOOOOOOOOO in my head) but to no avail. It sank like so many shiny lures before it and lays at the bottom of Lake Sidney Lanier.

My wife got a real nice shiny new ring for that one, and I have a nice cheap band of white gold.

Thursday, February 24, 2011


HighOnPoker, always a font of good ways to separate me from money, is getting together some sort of prop bet for NBC's Heads Up Championship. Poker, gambling, and not dependent on MY ability...SOLD.

Here is the lineup of talent:

Jason Alexander
Patrik Antonius
Eric Baldwin
David Benyamine
Andy Bloch
Liv Boeree
James Bord
Doyle Brunson
Joe Cada
Daniel Cates
Johnny Chan
Don Cheadle
Nicolas Chouity
Allen Cunningham
Jonathan Duhamel
Annie Duke
Tom Dwan
Peter Eastgate
Eli Elezra
Antonio Esfandiari
Chris Ferguson
Ted Forrest
Phil Galfond
Phil Gordon
Barry Greenstein
Bertrand Grospellier
Joe Hachem
Gus Hansen
Jennifer Harman
Phil Hellmuth
Phil Ivey
Faraz Jaka
John Juanda
Gabe Kaplan
Frank Kassela
Eugene Katchalov
Phil Laak
Howard Lederer
Erick Lindgren
Ayaz Mahmood
Thomas Marchese
Mike Matusow
Jason Mercier
Michael Mizrachi
Sorel Mizzi
Chris Moneymaker
Daniel Negreanu
Scotty Nguyen
Annette Obrestad
Dennis Phillips
Dwyte Pilgrim
John Racener
Greg Raymer
Vanessa Rousso
Kara Scott
Huck Seed
Erik Seidel
Vanessa Selbst
Emmitt Smith
Gavin Smith
Jennifer Tilly
Melburn Whitmire
David Williams
Justin Young

I think it would be a good idea for each participant to pick 5 players one of which must be a celebrity, one WSOP champ, one female, and 2 wildcards. Also, maybe as a tiebreaker we could use the card suit brackets that are set just before the filming. Check in with HOP, and lets get this moving...

More Music Please

I've been searching high and low for new sources, avenues, and applications of music. I'm by no means a music snob or whatever, I try to do my best and listen with an open mind....even to that crap my kids like. I found this via my love of post-punk and joy division and it hit me so hard I had to share. I'm sure this isn't up everyones' ally, but heregoes.

Feel free to put me on a path if you think you have suggestions, and big thanks to Mary for sharing Musicophilia and for opening my music brain again.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Fantasy Baseball

Hey there kids, I'm interested in running a Head to Head league on yahoo this season. It will be 6x6 format with the following setup (these can be changed if necessary).

Ideally I'd get 12 owners, but will accept 10-16. So if my 4 readers will tell 3 friends a peace, I should get a full league by opening day. (March 31'st)

Cost is negotiable, but I'm thinking between $20-50 for the season. Post here or email me if you are interested, once I have a minimum of 10 interested, I'll proceed.

WOOOT Baseball!! You kids be careful out there.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

This was fun....must of been the drugs.

I stayed home Tuesday and Wednesday for a fever and flu like symptoms. Somewhere in my tussin-fueled fog I managed to win my first non-blogger MTT in awhile. I'm officially addicted to the turbo and super tubo versions of On-Demand and Rush On-demand tourneys in values of 2.50-11. This tournament officially had 215 entrants and took just UNDER 2 hours.

Joy Division FTW

VIA Mary