Saturday, January 16, 2010

Fading Hoy

I'm fading all of Hoy's picks cause he's worthless.

Not that I read anything other than his picks, but whatever his reasoning, I'm sure it's wrong.

Cards +7 will lose to the  Saints. The Saints D is relatively healthy again and their offense has more weapons. Hightower and Wells will be ineffective and one will drop the ball at some point. Cards-24 Saints -35

Colts -8 will squeak by the Ravens 17-13.

Vikings -3 win at home, cause that's what they do. The Cowboys defence has looked good over the last three games more because of their opponents than anything. They will focus on AP and will be carved up by farrrvre. Cowboys 21 Vikes 28

Chargers -7 don't cover and may just lose. Marmalard will get chuck happy against a very good defense. My pick is 21-17 Bolts.

There ya go kids, strap in for a good weekend of championship football mixed with good old fashioned hatery.