Wednesday, December 30, 2009

2009 - Living with the cobwebs

HI guys, 2009 brought on another down trend for me poker wise. I played less, wrote even lesser, and lost more. I've become a strictly for-recreation player and I don't see that trend changing with the ever growing needs of family-hood. No complaints there.

Maybe I'll turn this into a food blog. nah. I ain't that good.

I did manage to put together Christmas dinner for my family along with my brother's, sister's and most of the wife's immediate family. It was a great day that lasted from 8AM to 1AM. I brined the turkey again this year and it turned out succulent and tasty. No leftovers this year.

Yesterday I put together a pretty freaking awesome lasagna, which I may turn into a post in the next couple of days. I am the comfort food king.

I hope anyone who still reads this has a great new year, the wife and I are planning a paradigm shift in our eating, shopping, and spending habits. I am laying out a budget which will pay off a significant amount of debt this year while shedding some weight and teaching our children healthier eating habits. Wish us luck.

I don't have any poker related goals anymore. I just want to have fun and play more live this year. I've decided that online poker is like flipping coins no matter the style I try playing. Anywho, I'm rambling; you kids take care out there.