Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Cheers to all those headed to Vegas, may the chips be with you! For those of us living vicariously through others we have props. Jordan has the details here: WSOP 11 props

Additionally he and I bet on ME entries. I thought I was going high at 5635, but jordan went higher at 6319. CK was nice enough to be the arbitrator in our guesses. So where are you at?? My initial guess was 5300, but I moved it up. I've seen guesses as low as 4000 and CK set the line at 5000 after getting our guesses.

I'll be watching for those updates so lets gettem started!!!!!!!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

The rapture

Really People?

How did this nutjob gain global pub for this shit? Guy adds a few numbers up and poof! The world is ending.

Seriously people.

Your life is not ending. God is not coming to save you....especially you. You will still have your life, your loved, ones, your world. I suggest you start controlling the things you can control and leave God alone. He has better to do than come and save you....especially you. Now go home, kiss your wife, kids, and whoever else you hold dear. Remember to live today and let tomorrow work itself out.


Friday, May 13, 2011

Reality 86'd

The intranets showed me this awesome documentary about Blag Flag in 1986. Just when I was starting to cultivate a taste in music, this stuff smacked my brain.

I'm glad that David Markey had the wherewithal to chronicle this.

"Reality 86'd" A film by David Markey from David Markey on Vimeo.

Edit: you have to go to Vimeo to watch it. Give yourself an hour.