Thursday, May 19, 2011

The rapture

Really People?

How did this nutjob gain global pub for this shit? Guy adds a few numbers up and poof! The world is ending.

Seriously people.

Your life is not ending. God is not coming to save you....especially you. You will still have your life, your loved, ones, your world. I suggest you start controlling the things you can control and leave God alone. He has better to do than come and save you....especially you. Now go home, kiss your wife, kids, and whoever else you hold dear. Remember to live today and let tomorrow work itself out.


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Wolfshead said...

Just love those who think they are going to be caught up in the Rapture. Considering that they feel they are good enough to go would mean that you can strike humility from their virtues which makes me think they just disqualified themselves. Oh well. Remember reading about a guy in the mid 1800's in the western US who predicted the Rapture and his followers sold off all their belongings ans followed him up a mountain to await the day. Day came and went and they were stuck there. He comes back with, ooops, miscalculated, right day but wrong year, it's next year. Kept predicting that next year for about a dozen or so years until he kicked. Want to see what happens to the true believers following this guy. Maybe can get a house or car cheap.