Saturday, November 17, 2007


Allright boys and girls, it's that time again, I've put it off too long and the year is almost over.

Everyone within eyeshot and earshot is invited to the second annual Atlanta Poker Blogger's Tour at palatial skidoo estates. I know Brain, Kajagugu, and Daniel have regular games, but last summer I gathered together the first and largest gathering of Atlanta poker bloggers that I am aware of. Next year I swear I'll give more notice for everyone in ATL and nearby to make this an event those of us in the southeast won't want to miss.

I did want to put together something before the end of the year though, so I can honestly claim this to be an annual event.

Saturday December 15th is the day. I'll be sending out an Evite to everyone I think who might be interested. If you don't get an invite, then I don't have your email or I don't think you'd be interested. If you fall into those 2 categories and might show up then drop me a line here with your email or you can email me at 23skidoo at gmail and I'll send you the info.

Have a good week and hopefully I can donate some chips to you in one of the BBT2 games next week.

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KajaPoker said...

thanks for the invite. calendar is marked. I am not missing this one.

And thanks for the link to last year's blog roll. I only now found out MowEn and Trauma are loco. I mean local. Although Villa Rica could be considered Bama-Blogger.