Thursday, November 15, 2007

Clearly I'm not qualified for this.

I'm such a fish. How stupid of me to assume someone holding a monster like 45h would fold to a measly 4x bet. My bad.

How completely retarded of me to expect someone to fold a flopped flush with such a hand, its infallible! I truly don't understand this game, lest I forget that I must play 2 easily dominated cards such 45h should call any bet in the 4x to 8x range. Duh. I guess I'll never learn.

Yes I continue to lose to mouthbreathers and yokels, you see my stats, you've played against me, I'm an aggro fish passive calling station on MASSIVE tilt, of course you will hit your 2-4 outer on me, it's written in the stars, enjoy my money you fucking toolboxes. You need it more than I do.

I feel better now, move along.


TenMile said...

You never watched Moneymaker?

DuggleBogey said...

So long as people keep paying it off when it hits, I'll keep playin' it.

23skidoo said...

Paying it off when it hits???!!

Higharious! I'm sure its a profitable play over the long term!!! LMFAO

I'm embarrassed to even respond to that.