Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Misc. Stuff

Hi Kids!

I'm starting to emerge from a major funk brought on by MASSIVE work tilt, poor sleeping, eating and drinking habits, oral surgery, and ongoing back problems. Not to mention I still stink at poker and continue to bleed money.

I'm hoping things are beginning to look up though. I'm beginning to catch up on some personal business, and trying to make sure my wife and kids remember who I am, and that I can still be a pretty good guy when I can get out of my own head.

So, I've been wallowing in the low limit zone as my online bankroll has dipped below a hundy, and I have vowed not to reload maybe ever..I dunno.

Who am I kidding? I'm way to weak to stop playing online. I'm still living under the misconception that I can 'beat' the game online.

Anyway, this is supposed to be a hopeful and cheerful post.

I forgot to change Maudie's link in Google reader and have missed her posts since she left Pokerworks. If you have too, then check the link to the right or this:

Short story on my back. About 2 years ago I started having serious issues with my back from the mid part of my neck on the right side to the middle of my back.

Sometimes it was just a nagging dull pull (like now) and sometimes it was a full fledged back spasm completely locking me up (like last week).

I went through a couple doctors, physical therapy, and a chiropractor. Finally, the Orthapaedic Surgeon and the MRI machine.

The last two broke the news, I have a herniated disk at the base of my neck causing undue stress and inflammation. The inflammation pushes my spinal cord and causes my muscles to seize up.

Mr Orthapaed's first track was prednizone, a round of steroids to control inflammation. That worked for a bit, but I was still hurt. So we moved on to cortizone. I had 3 spinal taps to reduce the inflammation in my neck and I was good for a little over a year.

Last week, I fell asleep on the plane home from NY and woke up a bit stiff. I didn't really acknowledge it and commenced my normal duties.

Thursday night I took my son to basketball evaluations and shot a little bit with him afterwards. He wanted me to show him my massive dunking skillz on the 9' goal and I couldn't resist.

I jumped up to get his alley-oop and OOOOP it did. I came down and grimaced in pain. I knew Master P didn't notice, so I played it off as it was time to leave, and walked as normally as I could out of the rec center.

I gingerly folded myself into the car, and finally P said, "are you all right Dad?"
I said sure, and we drove home.

It took about 10 minutes to get myself out of the car and into the house. I immediately made my way to the medicine cabinet. I took 800 MG of ibuprofen and a hydrocodone tab.

Rach found me in the kitchen and saw the look on my face, noticed my back contorted and knew the drill.

I knew there was no use hoping for the ibuprofen to help, so I went to the Orthopaed the next day and requested another round of steroids. Not that I like taking steroids, but I do like walking and moving.

Once again, the Doc suggested an MRI and surgery, but I denied, hoping that the prednisone does its' job.

Possibly one of you is a Doctor and can suggest the surgery, but we're talking about cutting into my neck and replacing a disk at the largest concentration of nerves in my body. 6-8 months of recuperation and the possibility of more surgery or complications stemming.

For now, I'll pass, but I may have to face it someday.

So, probably more info than you wanted, but what the hell. I should be able to make the mook tonight. See you later.


Jordan said...

Damn, bro. Good luck. I know how difficult back injuries can be. Surgery can be pretty scary. Good luck, Skid.

Unknown said...

Now take this as it is intended ... friendly advice.

The real question for you skidoo is what more damage you are doing by not getting it taken care of.

Seriously it is great to see you back. I've missed harassing you and comparing your play to waffles. We need to do one of those SNG's where we both play.

Are you going to Vegas? I finally got pushed over the edge and am coming.

Please promise us skidoo that you will take care of yourself.

We have more shots to drink that we didn't get to at Okie Vegas!

Sean / InstantTragedy

23skidoo said...

Thanks Guys, I am trying to take care of myself, honestly. I'm not ready to be a broken old man.

Vegas is not in the cards (get it?? HUH) for me. One salary + 3 kids + 1 wife + law school = iambroke

KajaPoker said...

I had (have) a similar condition except mine was somewhere in the lower back. I used to get these shooting pains down my right leg all the time and it got to the point where I couldn't sleep.

I've done the steroid shots and it usually works well. The real cure for me is to loose weight. But I am a lazy fat-ass, so that's not happening fast enough.

As long as you are not damaging something else by holding off on surgery, I say don't take that risk. Even if you need to get one of these shots every couple of years it is worth it.