Monday, November 12, 2007

Mr. Skidoo's Donkahood

Hey folks!!

I had a great weekend aren't you PUMPED!!!!!!!?!?!

OK, I know you aren't but I need to fill this page with something other than my whining and complaining.

Friday Night was Monthly Poker in my Hood and I had 2 confirmed bloggers showing, which turned into 1 present blogger and one who went from confirmed to infirmed. Bad beat, I hope Butch is feeling better.

So we we gathered around 8:30 and I began setting up The Tournament Director when I somehow erased all of my tournament settings...doh. I had to redo the whole thing, at least I kept my player database.

We started the first tourney around 8:30 with 13 players. We decided to allow rebuys for the first hour to juice the pot a bit. Eventually 5 rebought, but near the end of the rebuy period, the blinds were a little big. I messed up the blind escalation. It still ran pretty well as I extended the levels to 20 minutes.

Here's one early hand of note.

3nd level I have been tight, biding my time waiting to double up or rebuy.
I get KJc in the SB. This is the first hand I've really considered playing. There is one limper in front of me and a raiser (~3bb) in CO. I call and the limper folds. We see a flop with 2 hearts and a Jack. I'm fairly certain I'm ahead here, I know my opponent overvalues high cards and draws from playing him frequently. He goes all in and I make a Hellmuthian instacall.

He shows 44 and I double.

I got to open up a bit after that and went into the money as the chip leader. The blinds got astronomical after a bit and I had the worst succession of cards the whole night, I had to push with 94o eventually and busted in 3rd. Congrats to Surf for taking second.

The second tourney ended up with 9 players@$40 per. I had a really interesting hand that set me up for the whole tournament.

Blinds are 50/75 (yeah I need to redo my blind structures, sue me) and I get KQo in late position. There are 4 limpers in front of me and I decide to make a semi-bluff at the pot.

I say aloud "oh no no no no we cant have that", and bump it up to 300. I get 3 callers... DOH

Flop comes out 789 2spades. I really hate this flop! I decide to keep up the ruse and bet 400. 3 fucking callers again. I may have to be done with this hand.

7 diamonds comes up next, and I actually like this much better, it doesn't improve any draws and theres no way I can put anyone on a boat. This is confirmed by the fact that it checks around to me again, and I decide to check.

I'm really trying to sell pocket pairs for the river, but am prepared to fold to any big bet. The river comes off with a very raggy 4h. And it checks around to LF.

I've played cards with LF for the better part of 4 years. He is an action junkie and is allergic to money. Dude just gives it away. Every now and then LF catches a miracle though and earns the luckyfucker moniker. I call him LF for brevity's sake.

LF bets 300 into the ~2000 pot. I push, everyone folds to him and he folds the missed nut flush face up. I show the bluff and get groans form the whole table. I'm called a whole lot after that and run the table over, cruising in to the win.

So $200 Profit minus beer and I'm still home early enough to get a good night's sleep WOOT.

Give me live cards over online coinflips and lottery tickets any day.

Speaking of...say you live in the Atlanta area and like to play cards and possibly blog about it from time to time. Might you be interested in a ATL blogger gathering at casa de Skidoo December 15th? Perhaps the 22nd?? If I get enough positive response (10+) I will light that candle. Let me know if its a possibility via email or a comment. I'll decide yes or no by 11/26. STAY TUNED


APOSEC72 said...

I might be interested for the 15th - I'm in Marietta.

KajaPoker said...

I'm in. Either one right now is fine. TripJax and his bro might come down if they have enough time to plan. I think Gnome (smizmiatch) will be in town then as well and is looking to play.

BrainMc said...

I'm good for either date. If you want me to extend the invite to a few other players, let me know.

kurokitty said...

Yeah- just was going to say. I think the 15th might be better for Gnomey, as we'll both be coming back from bloggers/Vegas on the 10th...

Butch Howard said...

Barring another visit from Mike Graine and as long as the jeep keeps running or some other stupid beat does not happen, I can do either of those, no no no, I can do Both of those days.