Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Touch and go

Hey there!

I'm beginning to think about starting to return to semi-normalness. Moving sucks, I think we can all agree. I believe we ended up having a semi-decent move despite the myriad of obstacles thrown in our way.

One week ago was closing eve, our buy was lined up and ready to go at noon. Unfortunately, our bank was being the problem. As of 5pm Wednesday, there was not supposed to be a closing on or buy. My loan officer, as it turns out, is a huge lying piece of manure.

Lets back up.... Both the wife and I had done our fair amount of research on lenders. She was looking on the discount broker side. I was checking out banks. My first obvious choices came in between our current bank, our mortgage bank, or our LOC mortgage bank. The bank which rhymes with 'watch ova ya'(money) was out, their rates sucked. Our second holder, who's name could stand for Robbing Baldfacelying Cocksuckers, was offering to match any discount brokers rate, but for the higher closing costs we gained the "security" of a big bank, and the assurance of a quick approval and package delivery from our "VP" loan officer. He failed to mention that he was the VP of utter BS, but that's beside the point.

So less than 18 hours from our scheduled closing Mr VP calls and says the package won't be ready, the safe, easy and fast process has been delayed because of a 'proprietary system' or as I inferred, utter stupidity and incompetence....same difference.

Long story short (I know too late) our Closing attorney knew someone at the bank and he started rattling chains. By the time we officially sold our house, we had a new closing set up and our sellers were on board we had to get to our closing immediately. FIVE HOURS LATER....we had our new house!!

Since we had so little time to plan our move, we could not find professional movers...keep in mind we literally signed a contract and moved in within 2 weeks.

I had a POD ordered but cancelled it since we now had a place to put our crap. I had to get a U-haul on a vacation weekend. I knew this was going to be an adventure. I had reserved a truck for Saturday, and was assured I would get a call from the dealer nearest to me with the truck. I called the place and confirmed they had a truck available to me. When I got there, there was no truck, none. As fate would have it there was another customer waiting in front of me with the same issue, but he had pre-paid (idiot). I got on the horn to U-haul central, which might as well be some trailer park in Arkansas, to find my truck. Once again the computer is at fault...the computer says there is supposed to be a truck....I tell the brainiac behind the counter that he had confirmed with me over the phone that he in fact had the truck and could see it in his lot....WTF

Turns out my (or the customer in front of me) truck had been rented and was supposed to be back at nine. Nevertheless there were too many people for too few trucks. They sent me about 15 miles further away where there was a another truck....guess what, no truck.... I was on full jump through the phone tilt by this point as the out of luck pre-paid hosers came in the door.....I just had to laugh and let them spew venom over the poor uhaul lackey. The dipshit on the phone swore up and down that they had a truck at the next place.....another 10 miles away.

At last I got my truck and cruised on down the road....with an empty tank. OH holy hell these people suck balls.

ok...I'll post this and continue later...I know..I know, I suck and you don't really care anyway....but somtimes you just gotta let it out.


cc said...

Congrats on the sweet win last night; sorry I couldn't be there!

23skidoo said...

Thanks Craig!