Friday, September 22, 2006

DADI, and 10 hours.

Despite being almost an hour late, I made a decent run at the DADI. O/H 8 is my favorite and weakest game, as I play too many hands (big surprise) and get sucked out on by inferior holdings...2pair on the flop no goot?

In the meantime I played some 1/2 NL at INTERPOKER to grind out my bonus there. I've already secured my $100 initial investment and have about 175 left....If I had any idea as to my raked hands, I could adjust, but since their system sucks balls, no one can give me an answer as to how close to my bonus I am. So I'm content to take money off the foreigners and soft, pliable monkeys that occupy that site. I played for a little over an hour and nearly doubled my $50 buy in.(46)

I will count my first cash session in a few days towards my HOUR challenge.

I was -37.75 after 9 hours and am now +8.25 after 10. Yippee!! Did I mention that I am a full table MASTER??

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