Monday, July 17, 2006

No soup for you.

My last shot at going to Vegas is gone. I played fairly well for over 2-1/2 hours on the 150 seat guarantee. It turned out to be ~230 seats guaranteed when we ended up at ~7800 players. Lee Jones messaged the tourney that is was the largest WSOP sattelite ever, and I believe it. I've never been in a tournament with over 2000. Early on I was getting good cards and built my stack to over 8000. I just couldnt keep it up. I felt like I had to press any edge I had and got called down with non-optimal hands. Maybe I got a little caught up in seeing some players with stacks over 15k already. In the last hour I played I lost holding AK 3 times and won with it once. I got Aces twice and Kings twice. I'm gonna import the hands and results tonight and analyze the hands I lost.

I think I'm gonna skip the MATH tonight as the wife is out of school so good luck!

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Astin said...

It was a helluva tournament. I haven't had a chance to see how long it ended up going (I stopped watching at the 7hr 45min mark), but the end took a while. I went out 358th (now THAT hurt), and that was 6 hours in. When I stopped watching, it was at 244 left and moving slowly.

Anyway, I was keeping an eye out for WWDN/MATH/Mookie players/bloggers, so watched a couple of your hands (along with CJ and Iggy).

Still some satellites this week I believe, but yah, that was the best chance for me too.