Sunday, July 16, 2006

45 SNG Challenge.

I've decided to spread between limits on the 45SNG's

I'll play 15 games at 4 levels.

5+.50 regular - 2
6+.50 turbo - 6
10+1 regular - 2
11+1 turbo - - 5

So I enter the Challenge 132 + 25 'behind". My goal is to cash in at least 4 tourneys. This should put me in contention for a top 4 spot, but maybe not.

I just busted in my first attempt a 5+50 getting warmed up for the massive 150 Guaranteed seats in an hour or so. I'll get at least one more 45 sng in before and during the 150 guarantee.

1 comment:

Guin said...

I like the idea of spreading the levels and thinking about it before just randomly picking like I did....

Started with 3 $10 SNGs... followed by a $6 turbo (one hand so it was turbo alright!), $5 one was last and I finished 2nd...

Best of luck and that is a shame that you didn't get your ME seat.