Thursday, July 27, 2006

check your brain at the door

I wish I had something clever or witty to say, but I don't.

DADI was every bit the madness I thought it might be. I doubled up on the first hand with A8 vs A7. Things went downhill from there. I proceeded to fulfill the promise of DADI by being a complete and utter donkey whenever possible. That hand I posted last night was the pennicle of my journey. 5 rebuys and an add on later I busted in 20th. yippeee

I also managed to donk off a buy in and a half at a 50/nl table with CC, weak_player and donkeypuncher. hee haw

Almost forgot to mention, I'm taking the Wife and kids on a mini-vacation this weekend, so I will get a well deserved vacation from the computer.

And remember, you be careful out there.


CC said...

As always, thanks so very much. Spend the dollars I left in your bankroll due to my weak betting, spend them well.

Anonymous said...

Have a great vacation!