Wednesday, March 29, 2006

WWDN-jg-2323 Invitational

1 of 3 goals accomplished, I took notes. (posted below if you want to read them) I limped then seriously overplayed pocket 9's....doh.

Played PLO 8 then PLO with bloggers....lost 2 buyins chasing flushes....and of course DR.Pauly hits his against me....So add that to goals for next week, REALLY dont play PLO with bloggers even at .02/.04 its a losing I'm still compelled to try and play aginst better players than myself, what are you gonna do?

On a high note, I got first in a 6 handed game, 2nd in a 1-table SNG and won a 4 Player HU. Veneno wanted to play HU around 1:30 but I needed to get in bed.


Cool this one has 23 in the title! EEK!

62 Entries.

1st table has darval.N1kita, Arcon, Orange Floyd, hacker59, saintjack.
I have no notes on these players.

8:30 cards fly.

8:32 Q10 in SB fold to Arcon's raise. 58hQ on flop. Arcon bets out and
everyone folds.

8:33 mourn and sirFWALGMan join.

8:37 23 in BB and saintjack bets on a 236 flop. I get T850 off of him.

8:38 A6 in the cutoff I raise, mourn reraises..I make a stupid call.
Blanks come and I fold to his 300 bet. T1650

8:42 72 folded to me I bet (broke my rule) T300 (too little) called by
saintjack's KQ..he dominates me.

no more hammer i promise.

8:44 J4 clubs SirF raises in from of me I fold in SB.

8:45 dealt aces. hacker raises in front..i JKx on the
flop he check's I bet and he folds. T1575

847 Luck080 joins.

852 Mourns AA get beat by a flopped straight turned into a flush by
orange floyd.

852 transfish joins and hacker doubles through him with AK v QQ

856 910 3xbet and everyone folds. T1410

856 darval doubles through Transfish with 44 when her 4 hits the river.

858 AJs vs AKo all in call and hit my J. t2395. I am moved

9:00 Up4poker, jjok hcr33 lasner luck080, jk87, Jester9494

901 AJ again 3x raise from early position..folds around. T2470

9:02 99 in BB cj hit 236 flop cj bets and I jam...he goes in the tank,
and I think I've got it...but he calls with 66....and I'm demolished.
T175 I double up with 88 next hand t375

908..its really gonna be tough to get through the first hour.

911 gotta find something to bet soon T250

I jam with J9 diamonds and am out in 44th. boo.

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