Tuesday, March 21, 2006


Played WWDN..it is truly fun....I got crippled again playing the hammmer...bet 5x the blind and got 1 caller (Maudie again) flop comes 7Jx rainbow..I make another big bet and she calls...and I know I'm beat. ugh. took about 3k off of me . Not proud of my play overall. And now I'm about to start a HU tourney. Should be good practice before the big HU3 challenge. We might be moving it to FT since PS won't accomodate us. stinks for PokerStars. Thats about allI got. I wish I had more patience for writing. but I don't.

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Jimmy said...

I think we played together last night in WWDN and now we have HUC3 together. Good luck and I'll see you on Thursday.
President Dave