Friday, March 24, 2006

hee haw

I'm really not that upset about the HU tourney. really.

I didn't really expect to win anything, but winning a hand at least would have been nice. Same old story, mind goes numb, I am sure I'm ahead, no adjustment.

Anywho, played in the lounge game and came in second. 2 pivital hands: I'm dealt QJc in the cutoff and have 2 limpers in front of me. I raise 3x BB and BB jams. If I fold here I am down below T800, so I make the call. Its much better than I thought when he shows 44, I river a straight. slurp. Almost same situation except I'm 2nd in chips and have QTo. I really have no explanation as to why I call an all-in here, I only have ~T150 in the pot. Villain shows AK, but I spike QT on the flop. Wonder twin powers....activate. I consider it a moral victory since I was down 3 to 1 when I got heads up with WES. And now we all know my heads up play could use a little tweaking. I didn't waste much time heads up, I got an ace and pushed. Wes called w/JT and spiked trips. o well.

Here's a hint for you, don't play PLO with bloggers if you suck at it.

PLo(hi) has got to be my least favorite game, but I love Omaha-hi/low...weird. So despide playing one good hand, I donated to the bloggers, I hope they appreciated it. I'd like to take a shot at a WSOP sattelite or a sattelite to the 1 Million on Sunday....we'll see. I may just take the weekend off.

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