Monday, March 17, 2008

Definition of ignomy.

When the worst poker player ever calls you a donator.


1. I am friends with you because you are a bigger donator than I am. Bigger? I sure hope not.
2. I associate you with skiddoo which I in turn associate with some cosmic marshmallow being that goes around spreading gooey goodness. Makes sense.
3. I like that you think I am kidding when I call you a donator. OK, so maybe you ARE kidding. I mean... come on!
4. My latest memory of you is you running over the 200/NL blogger table and sucking out on MiamiDon with AK vs KK all in. It was truly funny. Good times, good times. Nothing pleases me more than tilting Don and several select others, including yourself.
5. Who is the best Atlanta Blogger player in your opinion? Can't argue with Surf, although Kuro would be a great choice as well.


kurokitty said...

My vote is for Surf!

surflexus said...

I would vote for Weak_Player but he doesn't blog.