Thursday, March 20, 2008

Coming clean.

As I mentioned before, I needed a spiritual cleansing of sorts on Full Tilt. I needed to change my attitude, and the donkey wasn't cutting it.

I did what any spoiled child would do, I picked up my toys and went home.

But I came back, the donkey could not be held at bay, only placated. I'll let those of you who don't already know that I am HAGBARD_III on FT and you can go ahead and smack yourself for folding to a big turn bet cause you didn't know me.

I had already begun letting the cat out of the bag last night, so I figured I might as well open it up.

It occured to me that some people might take offence at my changing names, may even forward the information to Full Tilt so they can suspend me if they determine I have violated their TOC.

I can accept that if need be. I didn't really intend to misrepresent myself, I just wanted to play free from the stigma of my persona. It was fun for a while and totally worth it. I just wanted my fellow bloggers and readers to know and if HAGBARD has to disappear and iam23skidoo returns, you won't be dealing with the same donkey.

That is all.


Fuel55 said...

Damn - you cost me victory!

BWoP said...


"Who's this HAGBARD guy, and why is he at our PLO table???"

kurokitty said...


The fact that Fuel said that means your name change is worth it!!

lj said...

i played w/ you and didn't even know it!