Thursday, March 06, 2008

The Death of iam23skidoo

Yes, I'm alive but the uber-donk iam23skidoo is no more.

I have sent a request to remove iam23skidoo from Full Tilt, but make no mistake, I am still around. I needed to make a change that went beyond my name and avatar, I finally decided that a whole new poker persona is needed. So far I have had some fantastic results, so we shall see if this is for real.

I played out the rest of my FPP's at FullTilt this morning and I garnered a Token for taking down a 600 Point tourney. I played a 90 person KO tourney with my token and here's the result:

Wee, from $0 to $75.

I decided to just keep it playing and entered a Tier 3 1-table tourney. Unfortunately I blazed out in 5th.

I transferred the remainder to my chat and dial a shot buddy KAT! Cheers to you Kitty!

R.I.P. MR Donkey

Hello Brian,

Thank you for contacting Full Tilt Poker Support.

This email is to confirm that your account iam23skidoo has been closed
at your request.

If you wish to stay subscribed to "Full Tilt Poker News" and "Tips From
the Pros," you may send an email to requesting
to remain on the list.

To reopen this account in the future, please email us from this same
email address and we will quickly reopen your account.

Full Tilt Poker wishes you the best of luck in your endeavors Brian, and
we hope to serve you again in the future.


Full Tilt Poker Support


TripJax said...

Good luck man. I'm actually playing one of those as I type, which means I'm probably not playing enough attention...

carvingCode said...

Brian -

Careful. Full Tilt has closed my accounts and have held my funds hostage to 3 days now for playing under a different account than the one I had originally set up with them. I asked them months ago -- it might be over a year -- to delete/cancel the first account. I've been playing under the 2nd one ever since.

They closed the second, have held my funds, and I can't get into the 1st account even after generating a temporary password.

Full Tilt has handled this very badly and wanted to alert you to the possibility of them doing the same thing to you.

If you wish, you can read the postings on my blog about this.