Friday, June 30, 2006

who's your DADI

I sucked ad DADI. I was at the inlaws house and out of my 'zone'. Then of course some donk catches a flush (K5c?) on the river vs my 88 hee haw. So I get home to watch the end of DADI, congrats to ScottMcMilla.

I 4-tabled for a bit, 2 on titan (+40) 2 on stars. One of which I sat down with Garthmeister and Mook. Eventually i closed titan down. and came in second in the 2 table SNG with my brother(5th). It's amazing how ABC poker works somtimes. I was focused on the 25NL table, chatting it up screwing with the 'tourists' I played the SNG straight ...until the following hand.

Keep in mind I was fairly lubricated at this point, so my memory is a bit hazy.

We are 6 handed and I get 69off. I decide to bluff the blind about 3x and he calls. Flop comes A65 and I bet (800?) at it. BB calls. I KNOW this guy isnt smart enough to slow play a big hand, so I put him on Ax. turn brings a 7 and I double my bet....again he calls....ugh. I cant believe I'm gonna have to lay this down. Then the beautiful 8 comes on the river, I push and the donkey calls with A2, hilarious.

I wish I had thought of taking a screenshot of the blogger table. In attendance was Surflexus, smokkee, Boobielover, Joe Speaker, Miami Don, jjok, iakarus, mookie99, garthmeister, and iggy. I'm too lazy to link yall up..sorry.. Somehow I racked up to about 80 there but managed to donate most of my stack to the blogfather and his made nut flush. Not that he needs it. It was an enormous amount of fun.

Today, I'm just trying to stay awake and not breathe on anyone.

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Andrew Steward said...

hahahax, funny one