Thursday, June 29, 2006

Irony has a way of being ironical.

In a deja-vu moment, I had scrapped my way back in the mook when CC and his mountian of chips joined the table. I had no notes, so this is a little fuzzy, but the blinds are 50/100 I think. CC raises up to ~1000 and I find Queens, we are both just a few seats behind the button. I put a few more chips on to discourage any callers and he CC hoy's me. Leaving 2 chips - csquared, get it....

AAAAnyway. I go in the tank here. I cant see him risking half his stack on crap, then he says he will show me. ugh. I put him on AA KK AK or JJ. When he says he will show me, I have to consider the hammer, though I don't know whether CC would play it. My mind races back to JUST LAST NIGHT when them bitches kicked my ass from the other side. I believe he wants a call here, and I just can't lay the queens down. I suppose I can pat myself on the back for making a good read, he showed a sooted slick, and the bullet flops.

Thats poker baby.

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