Tuesday, June 27, 2006

hoy palloy

I hadn't intended on playing the hoy last night, however I logged on about 20-30 min before it started and made a deal with myself. If I could make the $20 on a cash table then I would have permission to play the hoy. About 5 minutes before the tourney, I limped with 77 into an unraised pot. The flop comes 7A4 with two hearts. I cold call a half-pot bet and call and the 4 comes down. Lead better takes another stab and I push. He has A4 and is dominated. So I join the MATH.

I ended up taking Firecond. Don and I made a deal when even, so we battled for a bit before I went down with 2-pair vs. a flopped flush.

I'm going to go through the hand histories and pick out a few to discuss in a bit. I'm sure you can hardly wait.

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mowenumdown said...

Nice finish.