Thursday, August 17, 2006

Thurs AUG 17

Allrighty, I can take a little break...

I am at full stress standby mode now. My back has gotten a little better in the last couple of days. I'm stretching and giving it a little exercise. Instead of sitting infront of a computer for 13-15 hours a day, I've honed it down to 7-10. It does make a difference I think. Especially for my posture.

I took the week off and started getting the crap together for the big move. Yes, we have a contract, we have somewhere to move!!!! Now I just need to figure out how we can afford it. But that's a trivial point.

I had almost forgotten the nightmare of moving. Going through all of the crap that has gathered for the last 3 years, and re-packing, throwing away, cleaning up. The kid stuff is the worst too. We have so much useless kid crap! I look at most of it and say to myself "now why did we decide to keep that?" Who here is interested in a 6 year old USED potty training seat?? Any takers??

All bitching aside, it sure is nice to have a purpose to move. We were VERY close to the realization of living with my in-laws for an extended period of time. Nothing wrong with them by any means, but I've already had enough of thatthis year.

On to some poker content. I don't understand myself sometimes. I have played some aggro-donk weirdness in the last few blogger tourneys. I called an allin last night from Jordan with KQ sooted WTF? This is after taking a bluff to the river when DNASTY can't let go of AK with the K hitting the river....nice play Brian! Did you think the 4th bet was going to push him off??? ugh. As fate would have it I get AA and beat with JQ to end the misery.

So I took a calm relaxing walk around the house, drank a glass of water a muscle relaxer and a ibuprofen. Yeah, now you REALLY think I'm hooked on pills right? Wrong. I moved about half of my attic into the dining room prior to the --mook--, after taking apart the kids swing set and shuffling the trash to the curb. I was in pain and my back was spasmastic.

Anywho....I sat down and fired up a $25 2-table. I vow to play close to the vest but find myself in a troublesome hand against someone who had me beat. I had raise 4x pre-flop in SB with JTs
to my surprise the somewhat tight BB calls and the other 2 limpers drop off.. (I was really surprised at the amount of limps at this level.) Flop comes up with blanks and I bet out another 4xbb followed by a smooth call. I put him on mid -pairs. Turn brings an ace and I have to follow my gut here. I put half of my chips in and get another call. I'm fucked and I know it...however I am SURE this guy is weak...I JUST KNOW IT. I get a jack on the river and push. BB folds with only T300 settled down after this hand and pretty much cruised into the money. At the same time I had nearly doubled my buy in at NL25 and the drugs were kicking. So I bailed and had a pretty good night afterall.

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mookie99 said...

Thanks for playing last night, sick hand to go out on though.

Sounds like things worked well for you afterwards.