Friday, August 04, 2006

NOT having fun?

Played a little Limit OH8 tourney last night. 1-Table 5.50 SNG. It really amazes me how bad people are at this game. I have played larger OH8 events and have cashed a couple of times, a handful of smaller tourneys, and a few cash tables.

Omaha is a complex game, and most people play it just like holdem. It seems in my limited experience that players at low stakes OH8 fail to make adjustments for the greater rates of flushes and straights that come out. I've had more than a few players take 2 pair to the river on straight and/or flush boards. I was able to take control of the table when we were down to 6. I swooped with the wheel turned into straight to 6. 4 handed I was able to bully the table into submission by check raising whenever possible it seems to be fairly easy to suck out another bet there.

During the same time I watched a OH8 table on FT with Juanda, Seidel, Bloch, and Stuart Patterson. Inspiring, as the rake on most hands were more than the entire table stakes of my game.

After winning the tourney I felt good enough to donate to the bloggers at WWDN:NOT. Around the 3rd level my hammer got sucked out on by sooted slick. ugh... donkeys.

I felt jipped by the NOT, so I started up a 25/NL table and got joined by guin, darval, astin , butch, jordan, Kat and MHG. I lost a few bucks early against a random big stack at the table, but ran into some good cards and left up 2 buy ins. yippee. Sorry I stacked you twice Astin, but you asked for it. :)

I'll be busy as hell this weekend, so see you on the virtual felt on Monday or Tuesday!

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Astin said...

No worries. I DID ask for it. Both literally and through my boneheaded play.

But now that I'm down to $0 in the account, I can start fresh.