Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Happy Anniversary

Ok I lied.

Despite being my 8th Wedding Anniversary and the fact that we close on our house in a week I was able to get entered into the WWDN because of several circumstances.

1. I worked my ass off when I got home.

-I finished cleaning out the attic, consolidated trash, fed and bathed the kids.

2. The girls.

-The mother and sister inlaws were there. They came, they saw, they packed. All the women did was pack, smoke cigarettes, clean, and drink. In that order, until about 12:30. What can I say, the wife was busy, I was released for good behavior.

3. Boo boos

-In addition to my legitimately ailing back, I managed to get a nice sliver of glass in the bottom of my foot, making walking a bit uncomfortable. (yes that's a bit understated)

So I fired up PS and joined. I was able to get a few hands in before I had to take the kids up to bed. I managed to donk off a good bit for no apparent reason. I can't remember.

I got back a few minutes later and was able to play wait n' see. Blinds were still very low and I was able to grind back up a bit. Now I wish that I could give you some truly special insight to key hands and analyze my thinking, but to be perfectly honest, I was in one of those unconscious in the moment moods. I'm not sure if its good or bad, but I honestly don't recall any monumental calls or bad beats. Maybe HOY can help you there.

All I do know is that when we got to the final table I was chipleader and stayed so until we were 3 handed. The one hand I DO remember is HU with HOY. I have a lot of respect for hoyazo since he obviously puts much more time and effort into blogging and into poker than I do. He was playing shortstack poker, which is essentially push with anything that might possibly win. I get KJ in the bb and he HOYs on a TQx hand. His range is decent but anywhere across the board. He could have matched up the x. What's really funny is as I'm thinking, I type in 'oesd' to see if he will say anything. Nothing. Essentially it comes to the fact I've got 2 overs, and a chance at the nut straight. I call and Hoy says 'nice read I have oesd' . Cards turn and he's got the baby end of the draw. I say yipee!!! 'me too' except he fills his on the river and takes the 2-1 lead instead of losing. c'est la'vie. My spirit was broken, and I couldn't recover.

Actually, I was pissed....really pissed. From 20 players down I felt totally in control and played like it. It was my tournament to win and I couldn't close the deal. I went outside to vent with the girls but they weren't much help. NO 'At least you got second' doesn't work. SO I decided to make my $80+ profit work for me.

I joined a HORSE table with the minimum and donked it away fairly quickly. This was easily the most aggressive HORSE table I have been at, and I did not adjust. Bye Bye $40.

I played a $12 double shootout to the Sunday mill and made it to 3 players at the first level. I pushed with a good sized stack with TT and was called by ultra-agg with

8.50 RAZZ turbo Satellite. IGH in 90th out of ~225.

And Finally I say 'fuck it' and join a $55 2-table SNG. Again I get sucked out HU. Me with A3c villain with Ks6d. He rivers a flush after I hit my A. Was looking at 400+ profit and had to settle for ~300 which when you play my usual stakes is a pretty hefty profit. GO ME!


BrainMc said...

Go you indeed! Sorry I didn't hang around the table long to enjoy your success, but I was too busy falling in love with my top pair.

BrainMc said...

Oh, I forgot to say congrats on your anniversary, we just made 8 this year as well.

Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

Happy Anniversary, Ski.

Great playing with you last night. FWIW, and I did blog about the oesd hand you mention in your post as well today, that was a massive suckout by me where I was basically drawing to just four outs (the four 6s) on the river. But as I said in my blog, I am still surprised that you made the call for allin with no pair at all, and just an oesd. My move allin with the oesd makes some more sense to me because I had fold equity, assuming you would lay this hand down. You however surprised me greatly by calling that allin without even a made pair.

Interestingly, I blogged about how you were the one playing the aggressive poker heads-up, and how I was basically taking a more passive approach. I recall you raising basically every pot preflop, while I recall me basically trying to limp into a good 2/3 of the pots. Funny how two different people can have such different reads of the same game.

In any event, great fun as always. I know without that silly suckout you had this one in the bag -- not that I didn't get recockulously sucked out on by cfinnn with 14 players left to lose almost all my chips on a 3-outer or anything....

23skidoo said...

Thanks for the comments HOY. I guess I'm used to REAL aggressive HU play, I didn't feel like I was being overly agg, but I was getting pretty good hands heads up. Also HU with a 2/1 lead dictates either extremely passive or extremely agg play IMHO. I'm obviously more on the agg side so I went with it.

I was admittedly on a rush of sorts, so I may have built your percieved agression on my impressions of your brother. Or perhaps I just made you aggressive in my imagination.

I figured you would have a different interpretation of that hand, but I'll defend my play there. Knowing your read as overly agg explains your move a bit better, but the best I'm giving you in that situation is a piece of the flop. I felt my over card and nut straight gave me enough reason to call, and as I've mentioned before, I fall in love with KJ pre-flop. Anywho, I am only occasionally analytical and 80% of the time I play the player. After thinking as long as I could I decided that if I happen to be behind, that I couldnt be far behind. I made the 'right' call and got sucked out. 'Thats poker baby'

Hope to see you at the Mook tonight.

mowenumdown said...

Good run my friend. Good luck with the move.