Sunday, August 06, 2006


Two Buy-ins and an add on was all it took to get into the top 25 of a 523 person field. Not only that, but when the tourney was over, I was 2nd in chips.

Part of me says, damn, I wish it was a cash tourney, but another part says, screw it.... why not me?

So, as long as everything goes well this morning, I'll join ~2000 of PokerStars finest in today's Million Guaranteed.

Three keys in last nights game that I hope fall into today.

1. Patience - with a little cajooling (thanks KJ), I was able to tighten up a bit after getting a nice stack.

2. Early chip lead - About 5 or 6 hands in I limped with 33 and got my set on the flop, I turned it into a full house and took out 2 others. This enabled me to be more selective, and also to cover about 75% of the field.

3. Luck - I can only think of one time that I pushed when I was behind. I had TT and had a mid-sized stack covered. Flop came with 2 low cards and a queen. I was first to act with 3 behind me and pushed. I got called with AQ and caught a T on the turn. 2 hands later I caught Aces and took another good stack out.

The one fly in the ointment is that I'm at work right now, if my project runs overtime, I'm screwed. So stop bothering me and let me get back to it.

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mowenumdown said...

You played great, I hope you and I both can put together a solid 6+ hour run in the million today.