Tuesday, August 22, 2006


HORSE is a blast! I started playing PS HORSE games last week and have been up and down. Stud is my biggest leak at this point as I tend to be a bit loose in 1/2. Omaha h/l continues to be my favorite as so many people it seems chase cards. Although I've sworn to be a better bookkeeper, I just forget. I've played 5 sessions of HORSE and have had to rebuy only once. I am buying for the minimum (40) which helps track my expenditures, but I am up ~60BB in those sessions. Not great numbers I don't think due to my generally loose play while I learn the game a little better.

I played the MATH last night with a nice turnout of 20 and I was able to luck my way into the money (3rd) despite trying to give my money away at the most inopportune times. Congrats to (Jordan)for taking his first blogger tournament!!!??! First? Kudos to lifeisagrind as well for bullying into second.

I'm still too frazzled with other crap to actually take notes or anything, but I can recall a few interesting hands.

I have a dwindling stack(~T2200) and get AQc UTG+3. Mowen has made a 3x raise (400) and I make it 800. Folds around and he pushes. I put him on a decent hand, maybe JJ, but I have the odds to call. He shows nines and I manage to luckbox into a broadway straight on the river. Earlier I made a similar play with AQo calling into AK. So I'm thinking its a loose call, but the circumstances warranted it. The earlier call was against jeciimid(SP?) when I had a very large stack and it went all in pre-flop, after an initial raise by me. I am not crazy about that call, however, I tend to get shown down a good bit because of my loose/passive image.

I must have had the hammer at least 4 times last night, winning some good pots with 3 of them for sure, losing one to the unflappable lifeisagrind.

4 handed I had QJo in the SB and raised Jordan a good bit, he pushed and for some stupid reason I called. Well, the stupid reason is I thought Jordan thought I was stealing and made a position raise, which is somewhat right, we both however happened to have decent hands. His being a good bit decenter.(KJ) (yes I made up a word!) I asked (ok duggle, begged) the poker gods for a Q but got a K on the river instead. Jordan took the lead from there and never looked back.

SO thanks to HOY for hosting the Monday game. Due to my bit of success at it, it has become my 2nd favorite!

On the homefront I was able to empty more of the attic last night. There is very little left up there now and should be able to finish up tonight. It looks like the WWDN is out for me tonight as my Mother and sister inlaws are coming over to help pack. Also it just happens to be my 8th wedding anniversary. I gave my wife a house, what did you get yours? I should be able to post some pics of the house next week. I don't want to jinx myself too much cause there are things that could still fall through, but as far as I'm concerned, we're in!

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