Thursday, August 10, 2006


One word to describe my life right now. Work is hell, I'm trying to get a house to live in, pack, clean up, play with kids, talk to wife, rest my aching back and shoulder, sleep, and play poker. boo hoo. That's pretty much the pecking order too.

I had no business joining the mook last night, but I just couldn't miss it. I got all my chips in on a flopped set of 8's only to go against a flopped set of Jacks AND a flopped set of 3's crrrrazy. I'm glad surf was able to put my chips to good use and cash.

If everything goes according to plan I should have a contract on a house before the weekend. Cross your collective fingers please.

1 comment:

mookie99 said...

One of the few hands I missed, damn what a sick hand.

Thanks for playing last night.