Thursday, August 03, 2006

M at the WSOP

Craig ROX0rs, read it.

How much is $14,597? If you had a chance to sit on your hands for six hours to then be given that much, would you do it?

My first reaction is hell yes, I've sat on my ass waiting for three days, another six hours ain't gonna kill me.

This is a kneejerk reaction, since I've never even thought of sniffing that much money in a poker game. So, to further analyze the issue, CC brings up some interesting scenarios.

1. What do you do if you have $25k in chips?
2. What do you do if you have $100k in chips and are here on a small satellite?
3. What do you do if you have $225k in chips?
4. What happens tomorrow?

I'd have to answer that in the truest poker way I can.

It depends.

How's that for hard hitting and thought provoking?

But really, If I am me at the WSOP on day 3, first of all I'm thankful I've made it this far. It has taken a healthy mix of good play, good cards, luck, and moxie to make it through such a large field. If I have played well (or lucky) enough to make it this far, I should be lucky/good enough to get deep into cash territory.

However, if I have barely hung on for the past day, I'm bemoaning a bad beat or 2 or my horrible weak play. In this scenario I vow to hang on and hope for the best, I will not go out with a non-premium hand, but with an M below 5 I won't get more than a couple of chances to double.

1. What do you do if you have $25k in chips?

If I have 25K in chips, I have done something wrong. My semi-loose semi-aggressive style would have me on the rail or with a good amount of chippies to spread around. By the time I've gotten to 25K on day 3, I'm sure at least one or 2 people at my table think I'm barely above a trained monkey, and will call me just to bust me. I'll push with any reasonable hand here, suited connectors, Ax, any pair, and hope for the best.

2. What do you do if you have $100k in chips and are here on a small sattellite?

I'll avoid the sattelite part of the question, because it is a moot point. First of all, threes no way I would directly buy in to the WSOP, even if I did have the cash, there's no way I could justify it. If I am good enough I'd have gotten here on a satellite or by sponsorship. With 100k I tighten up a bit, but play position on the lower stacks. I don't push here in nearly all circumstances.

3. What do you do if you have $225k in chips?

With this many chips you will really be able to muscle smaller stacks. I believe conventional tournament strategy would split the players into 2 groups, the pushers, and the folders. This is the most grueling part of the tourney.. Waiting out the bubble. I would take advantage of the sitters in any way I could. With 225k you could easily move up +100k on the bubble with steals and coinflips.

4. What happens tomorrow?

Most likely the aggression factor mellows a bit tomorrow. As the hangers-on will be dropping in the money and taking chances with lesser holdings. I build slowly and prepare myself to be a millionaire.

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