Thursday, August 24, 2006

Residual effects

Played in the always fun MOOK Last night.... I didn't go into it with a good feeling, and the wife was a bit perturbed, so my attention was split for a good 30 minutes. I was having a lot of fun though at the first table with Eric (bone_daddy) and Vegas Rico. We were all trying to establish dominance over the table, with mixed results...Rico eventually tried to steal too much, as I was trying to steal from BD. He even remarked early on how much fun it was to raise me in position. I guess my aggro-donk style is permiating.

We were joined by SteelerJosh and Hoy at some point. A few hands after they joined I re-raised Hoy 3 or 4x the with AQh. I figured it was a steal attempt or maybe mid pairs, so he would lay down a more marginal pair or any steal or draw. Of course he Hoys me, which would leave me crippled. I'm dead sure that the WWDN finish was fresh in both of our heads and figure out he's got a pretty good hand, definitely paired or AK. So I'm dominated or its a coinflip, and of course I'm a donk and cant lay down my AQSOOOTED, so I convince myself he's holding undercards and decide to gamble. He shows the obligatory AA and IGH around 20th. Well played sir.

Residual effects and emotion is definitely to blame. If I had not lost to HOY heads up on Tuesday, I lay those down...

So I played a little 50NL but was not in the mood to be too patient. I wandered over to party to donk off my 'free' $30 on some short handed play. Unfortunately my plan was foiled as I played about 125 of my required 300 raked hands and finally logged off around 1 with a little over $90 in my PP kitty. I either have a week or a month to complete my requirement, but hopefully I can do it before the wife gets home tonight.

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mookie99 said...

Glad you could make The Mookie last night.