Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Crunch time

Nearing the zero hour on our house closing. Brokers are ready with pens in hand, lawyers are shuffling papers across desks, agents are ....doing their hair.(what the fuck DO they do?) buyers and sellers are franticly packing, cleaning, changing addresses, setting up utilities, and generally stressing out. I've been assured that all systems are go, that we will own a new house by Thursday afternoon.

I'm still holding my breath.

I finally got to see the doctor again yesterday. I complained that the Physical Therapy wasn't doing anything, and I simply couldn't take the muscle relaxers and expect to function as a human being. After more poking and prodding and tests, I suppose he decided I wasn't making this all up in my head and ordered an MRI. He seems to think I have a herniated disk, pinching my nerves. Which is essentially what I told him 3 weeks ago....but what the fuck do I know? On the plus side he gave me some great new drugs! I had the first pain-free night I've had in weeks. Sure I'm a little loopy, but such is the price we pay.

I managed to recoup some losses a the table last night. I wasn't able to money in the MATH last night, but I flamed out early, and didn't draw it out at least.

I was lucky enough to have weak_player at the table so he could share how much of a moron I was on Sunday night. Lets just say I was playing a game I had no business playing at limits I DEFINITELY had no business playing. But hey, I had fun.

In case you're wondering, I withdrew some $ from party and they threw the doom switch on me. I will NEVER deposit money at that site, but I will gladly take the free stuff.

I scored 2 wins and 2 cashes last night out of 6 tourneys including the MATH. I also won a buy in or so at 25NL. So bottom line is I feel good at the tables, maybe a little too goot. I will try to play the WWDN tonight if I can.

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