Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Catching up

Ok, I'll catch up on things happening in my feeble little life.


As I hinted at earlier, we had some major work done to del casa de skidoo. We have had our house on the market for about 8 months and had one Lowball offer and one semi serious lowball offer. Ms. Skidoo stared school, so I had to pickup some slack on kid and house duties. I'm a lazy son of a gun, so I did just enough to make sure the kids made it to school relatively clean, keep the laundry done, and the house looking like humans exist there.

Stressing out about showing the house to all of the clueless Real Estate agents, yokels looking for desperate sellers, and the all too frequent no-show is NOT something I wanted to keep on the list. So we pulled up the signs and decided we would stay in the house for at least the next 3-4 years till the wife is out of school. In order to do so, we needed new floors. The carpet we had survived 7 years and 3 families; 6 kids, 4 dogs..etc etc. It looked like trampled sand.

Our first house had beautiful natural oak hardwoods that I personally refinished (6 coats of polyurethane!!). We really liked the look with our furniture. We have lots of dark mahogany wood, leather and red accents. Its all the wife's doing, she has a great eye for design. Its a good thing we're not loaded, cause our house would be chock full of accents, paintings, candlesticks etc etc. I'm a minimalist, I really don't like fancy frilly things, but guys do all sorts of stuff to make sure the woman in his life is happy. When the wife is happy, I'm happy, simple. So we floor shop and find a place nearby that will replace all the floors downstairs, except the kitchen which needed to be refinished. Then re-carpet the upstairs. Great!

Their suggestion is to go out of town for Memorial Day, and when we get back (4-5 days later), everything will be done !!. Sounds great, but the wife needs to study, she needs every waking minute to study...jeez. There is no way in hell I would go back to school, I have no discipline.

So her folks invite us to stay at their place, which is incredibly nice. I get along well with her folks, they love their grandchildren and take great pleasure at spoiling the crap out of them. I wish I could make the typical in-law jokes here, but I can't. They bent over backwards to help us and always will. I couldn't have gotten luckier on the inlaw front, unless her dad's name was Brunson.

This is turning into a short novel, I'll continue on the floor saga later.

I had a nice little session last night played a $11-45P, $15-18P, and a $25-9P. Got a huge lead early in the 2-table when my Kings cracked 2 slicks....what are the odds? I got crippled later with QQ vs a flopped set of Jacks, and went out when my Jacks were cracked by ATsooted. Hung around in the 45P to 10th place, never got anything going. Took down the SNG. All the while I sweated Waffles from the rail on a $3 Rebuy satellite. Good times..good times.

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