Wednesday, June 21, 2006

shooting the bottom

Played great in the WWDN last night. Early on I scratched out a straight vs drewspop's set. I used my chips well I think, taking out smaller stacks with slight edges and stealing a little more than usual. I was chipleader for a good bit of time.

Down to 4 tables, I decide to tighten up a little too late as I moved down to ~8th position. The hand that broke me was my A9o vs 99. It was a questionable call, I agree. But at the time I felt I had the odds to call. I didn't take notes of the hand since I was 3 tabling at the time (dummy).

I get my ace on the flop and the case nine comes on the river. Justice prevails I guess. I was near last place and didn't recover. Now I can't even remember the hand I went out on (13th). I think AJo vs a small pair. I was very disturbed by the way I played towards the end and my inability to adjust. I was just on cruise control for too long I guess.

What's weird is that when I switch to a more conservative style, I get killed. I guess I don't know how to play quality hands and pick off steals.

I might try to play the mook tonight if I get enough work done. I have lots of crap to do if I'm going to move in the next 6 weeks.

Kudos to KAT for making 3rd from next-to-last when I went out.

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