Monday, June 19, 2006

Meet the bloggers

Played poker every night this weekend, the only good results were playing with people that actually know what they are doing. AKA the Atlanta bloggers who met at BrainMc's house. As mentioned the suspects were Rags, Surflexus, BrianMc and myself. chipperdh was a no show cause he's afraid of our mad skillz yo.

It was cool to actually put faces to virtual entities, and I look forward to more live events in the future. The highlight of my night was luckboxing 2 pair with KJ vs AJ in the second match. That hand broke mowenumdown's momentum and gave me lots of chips to push the others around. My second favorite was pulling the obligitory hammer in the first match.

A big thanks goes out to BrianMc for opening his home, and having a really nice doggy.


BrainMc said...

Thanks again for coming. I look forward to checking out your new place.

cc said...

Hope I can join in with you guys soon. Good playing at the Hoy with you tonight.