Thursday, June 08, 2006

I need food

so does this blog.

I've been stewing on a lot of stuff lately. There's a whole lot of shit going on in my life right now. Spiraling know the feeling. not out of control, but it feels like picking up laundry from the bedroom floor. Every time I bend over, another sock falls on the floor.

I can start with poker I guess. Felt good in the WWdn until I decided TT was a good hand to push with after 2 calls and a raise. I had to know I was behind, right? id10t

Mook was much the same last night except I stayed aggressive until we were about 3-tabled. Made a marginal call with ATc vs QQ when I thought that the 10th player had just gone out. (it paid 9) Caught an ace of course, and a ten to boot. Made a bad move w/KJo and had to fold to jjok's push. Then played like the paper thin weak-tight player I am until I had to push with K7o.

Tournaments for the most part have been a complete waste of time. I will lose the occasional buy in at 50nl but for the most part its like second nature to win. *knocks wood* I get easily bored sometimes and make dumb moves, yes, but its pretty easy to cover up.

Anywho, I suck at talking about (and playing) poker so I'll keep it to a minimum.

I started writing this at 10AM it is now 4pm. This is how my days are lately, and at night, if I'm not relaxing, herding children, or playing poker, then I am asleep. Writing is something I have to try and want to do. Being busy doesn't help.

Maybe tonight I'll take a break and write some stuff about the house, my in-laws, and other things that keep me from being the self centered bastard I truly am inside.

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