Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Okie Vegas gets skidoooo'd.

Hi guys,

I'll give you a summary of what I can remember from the weekend. I'm not sure how long this will be so bear with me.

Thursday morning I had to ride into work with the wife. Her minivan has had its final problem and I refused to fix it.

I got to the airport a little early so I obviously found the nearest bar and camped out for a few. I finished a few beers and went to the gate with about 30 minutes to spare. I figured I would plug on the laptop and watch a bit of my movie before I got on the plane. Wouldn't you know it, my dumb ass managed to forget the fucking plug to my laptop (again).

I tried to not let it bother me, last year I was able to find a CompUSA to get a new plug. Somehow I managed to forget that CompUSA went out of business.

I had a non eventful flight in which my battery died. I landed and came down the stealthy side of the terminal, but Gary had a bead on me from way down.

Everyone came out to get me, which was pretty cool. For the first time I met Joanada, Buddy, and Surf's wife 'peaches' as she was dubbed by OOOSSSSUUUU.

Off we went OZZIES to meet Ms Maudie and to partake in the worlds best chicken fried steak. This served as a great stomach base for the next 24hrs or so.

The whole gang caravan'd to Riverwind casino, where we all sat down for a little freindly 1/2. My high water mark was about 310, but I managed to piss almost all that away by 6pm rolled around. By then everyone was ready to hit the lake, except for MsMaudie who stole my mojo and ran her 2nd buy in up to about 5.

We hit the crows nest and Buddy was attacked by a paddle wielding maniac. I personally think she took it easy on him. I managed to find myself lying in the grass at one point and dumping IT from the golf cart at another. I can't say I didn't enjoy that a little.

Tragedy tried desperately to get out of our bet around 4am, but when I wouldn't let him, he went inside to pass out throw up for an hour or so and left me alone, resulting in his disputable 'win' of our last longer.

Friday morning I felt fairly human, we awaited the return of MsMaudie and the intro to SpecialK, fresh from Iraq.

OSU entertianed us for a good bit by his kitty hunting prowess, but finally the gang was assembled and we were ready to hit the lake.

Tomorrow I'll enthrall you with my death defying antics on the JetSki as well as the poker table... stay tuned.

I'm done for now..I'll finish up with a hearty thanks to all those who planned, helped and came to this little event. It is certainly my cup of tea.


Unknown said...

I have time stamped EVIDENCE that it was 6 minutes of puking...

Uh never mind.

Joanada said...

You rock.

Was so very awesome meeting you after all this time - wow we go back a ways, eh?

I will see you there again next year, because there is no way I am missing any of these again