Thursday, July 24, 2008


Sorry for the delay, I have been in various states of druggedness and sleep for the better part of 2 weeks now. I get my MRI results tomorrow and have been in pain for too darn long.

The source of my pain and misery is obviously my own damn fault. I took a few liberties with a Jet ski that I was not fully in tune with and managed to flip the thing over as I was taking a hard left turn.

I leaned heavily into the turn, but the wind and choppy water threw me a challenge. At the apex of the turn my right knee finally gave way under the torque. As I fell off, my toe managed to get a little stuck in the rail and helped to pull my leg a little further away from my body.

I was in horrible pain and struggling to get the Jetski turned back over. My mind went back to Gary's "its real damn hard to turn these things over" statement and cursed myself for being a moran.

I did manage to get the thing tipped over, but it was waterlogged by that time and Gary Hasslehoff was on the way. Now I imagined myself in the hospital in west egypt Oklahoma signing over a $xxxx.xx to Gary for a jetski.

Thanks to some very helpful East Cobb locals we got the Jetski pulled onto the trailer, drained it, and sent it on its merry way.

We returned to the house and got ready for deer burgers. I just about OD'd on pain killers, slept through most of dinner, then held it together long enough to split the lake tournament with surf.

Afterwards we played a little cash game where I played my usual loosish game and amassed a pretty healthy stack. Two hands i remember was sucking out vs Maudie (or Special K) with J6o, and pushing with 77 preflop geting called by SpecialK and his AK. He flopped broadway and I runner runnered a FH. Good times.

That would be the last winning poker for me for the trip.

I sucked it up and limped around the rest of the visit, it was really painful, but the drinks were flowing. Truly my favorite time of the trip was sitting around the lakehouse on Saturday night, drinking copius amounts of whiskey and just chatting with the boys. That's the stuff you can not remanufacture. No matter how hard you try.

Saturday was the big tourney, and I was raring to go. Unfortunately a 8 hour sit and go doesnt necessarily fit my nature and I went down in 6th place. I donated another 2 buyins in the cash game playing my particular style of drunken donery, but you just can't buy that kind of fun in my opinion.

I do have some pictues on flickr, if you want to see them. I stole some from kat too. I have to add you as a freind to see the pics, so drop me a line or leave a comment if you want.

Wish me luck at the Doctor tomorrow and you have yourself a good weekend!



Instant Tragedy said...

If he asks you to bend over and drop your shorts, run!

Good Luck Skidoo!

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SirFWALGMan said...

gl man.

Special K said...

Best of luck on the MRI. Here's to avoiding surgery.

Special K