Monday, May 05, 2008

Weekend Wrap up

Short post, but I'm trying....

I got 18 players to come and play in the 'man pit' Friday night. I really like the structure that I mostly stole from Kaja as it allows a fair amount of play, but didn't seem to last too long.

I busted in 7th or so when I ran a poorly conceived bluff at someone who was incapable of folding. I do believe I remembered my manners though. My big bro cashed in 2nd with Johnny "Dutch Oven" in 3rd and Francase's buddy Matt took the whole thing down. Good times.
We followed up with a little cash game, but my head was fairly clouded by Heineken at that point. I'm pretty sure I spent more time on the back porch smoking a stogie with my brother and shooting the shit with various folks.

Saturday we slept pretty late, then we went to a Cinco de Mayo party in the 'hood for a little bit. We watched the derby and I picked EightBelles to win....I like the filly's. DOH, we spent the next hour or so explaining to the kids why she had to be euthanized.

We weren't in the mood for Mexican, so we ate at a FANTASTIC Italian place up the street. The kids had fresh hand tossed pizza, the wife had her fall-back manicotti, I had a seafood marinara dish with clams, mussels, calamari and shrimp. I can't wait to finish that off tonight. We finished off the kids night by watching Mr Majorium's...blah blah...I was less than impressed.

The wife had to go meet some friends after that, so of course I fired up the poker machine. I ended up taking down a $69 - 45 person while chatting up my brother, then cashing in the $100MTT. I promptly donked off all my winnings and then some..yay me.

Thats it for now kids! See you at the Bodonk tomorrow.

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