Friday, May 09, 2008

Absentee Landlord

That's how I feel in regards to this blog lately. For the two or three of you who actually enjoy reading my drivel, I am sorry.

I did have a thought this morning in regards to losing and a losing mindset. I've read a few blogs in the last couple of days that are perpetually semi-tilted and frustrated. I do realize that some people have a less rosy outlook than others and that's cool if that's your gig. Some people can vent, get things off their chest and everything is cool again. Others continue to see the worst of situations and keep dragging themselves down.

You must realize that what you are doing is nothing but programming yourself for failure.

I was there last year at this time and you can keep telling yourself over and over again that its just a rut or a downswing or the moon has left the 7th house if you want to. The plain truth is that until you get your head straight, you will keep falling down the path and wonder when the ground is coming.

I'm telling you , you have to reach out for that rock or that tree branch or something. Until you can reprogram your head you'll just keep falling.

"Well gee Dr. skidoo, you make it sound so easy" you say.

Well its not. And I really don't know how to fix it for you.

I can't precisely tell you what did it for me, but I can tell you winning helps. I did some deep thinking, question asking, reading, soul searching, drinking, changing my name name it. I kept trying though.

What helped me was simplifying everything. I gave myself a list of rules to follow and I only played when I could follow the rules. Slowly but surely my confidence recouped, I took pride in small wins which turned into some pretty nice wins and once again I felt 'open' and free to play poker like the true donkey I am.

So, you've all heard it before from somewhere I'm sure, I did before my funky 2007 and I didn't heed any of it I just had to figure it out myself.

Here it is again then, from a poker player who is probably not as good as you are.

YOU can make things change, YOU are the key and YOU are the one who must change. Open up your focus and step away from the things that are bringing you down. Focus on yourself and you can accomplish anything you want.

Cheers and have a good weekend!

OH! Poker in my 'hood tonight if anyone wants to come! Drop me a line, you know who you are.

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