Monday, May 12, 2008

Bodog 15K

I decided to live blog the Bodog 15K Guaranteed since I've been enjoying Surf's live blog updates.

216 players 15K guaranteed.

Raise to $50 with QJs BB Calls with KQo 3Diamonds flop and we check it down.

98h BB Fold to $240 bet + call would have rivered a straight

SB call 54 off fold to flop bet

A9o call 3x from the blind fold to c-bet

KQo raise to 95. SB calls and folds to c-bet.

AK 4xraise 3 limpers, they fold- T3035

KJo call SB, Raise A-hi flop and get folds. 3205

Fold A8d oop. to 2 raises.

Min raise QJo in late position, fold to BB's RR. 3145

J9o in BB fold to EP 4x raise.

A9o 4x Raise. Get a LP call, C bet ace hi flop. T3245

Call EP raise with BB QTc, call gutshot draw and fold the turn. T3055

QJo limp BB JQ6 flop. T turn 3 river.. bet 200 and get folds.

30/60 Blinds

AK SB call 270 raise. Blank flop check and fold blank turn with 2 players still in. 3045

Mid Position AJ raise 160, win blinds T3135

A9c late position 3x raise, one caller. Villain folds to C-bet on AKx flop. T3365

QJd limp, 59T flop call cbet. Raise J turn, villain folds. T3605

1st break 157 players left. Average = T4180

I fold the entire level.T3195

Push A5 split pot with BB T3307

77 Fold to limp and push. 5043 AVG.

89h Mid position Limp. J9A flop 3H turn bet pot. Folds all around. T3757 5225Average.

AQd BB - SB Pushes AQo, we split.

mid position fold 66 to 5x raise. T3682

BB JQo - fold to LP Push. from pushmonkey. he shows TT after I think.

SB KQo raise to 700, BB folds. T3682

54o win blinds. T3682

call T700 LP raise with 44 fold pot size flop,

99 push vs AQ from previous pushmonkey. I double T6465. T6612Chip average. 98 left.

A9o EP raise T800. Get blinds. T6590

KK 4 way vs shortie AT, 77 and QT. River Ace but I get the Majority T8259.

77 LP flops a set. T8884 87 Left T7534Avg.

C-Bet KT9 flop with AT, fold to push. T8384.

Steal with KJs.

T8634 84 Left. Average Stack = 7714

1st Hand JJ in SB Raise T900. BB pushes 88 and rivers 8. T3035

A3d Push Blinds fold.

55 push KQ calls , flop 5. T6664 73Left. 8876 AVG

A4 steal blinds.T6594

Next hand 55 raise T1250. Win blinds T6769.

KT call 3x raise, fold to cbet on 564 rainbow flop. 63 Left.

Push or fold time. T3285 52 left


Push 76 and lose. to KQ out in 44th.

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