Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Hash and re-hash

I ended up close to bubbling and I went through my notes on the 15k last night.

I have never taken the time to figure out Bodog's screwy hand history keeping, and I can't really be bothered. They need to move on into the 21st century though, geez UPDATE YOUR FUCKING GUI ALREADY!

I felt pretty good about my game last night. I was fairly focused and played with confidence. The damn cards didn't cooperate though, I wasn't given much to play with and the Jacks hand should have put me in good position for a final table run. Instead I had to scrape around and play some marginal holdings vs. large stacks. Oh well.

I've been super tired lately and just can't get motivated to stay up till 1-2AM playing the bloggerments. I've already punched my ticket and can't play enough to contend for monthly goals, so again I'm cool with playing a limited amount and playing well.

I'll be heading up to NYC at the ass-crack of pre-dawn and will hopefully be able to hook up with my good buddies et al. tomorrow and Thursday.

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