Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Hello from 23skidoo land intrepid readers!

Everything is fairly normal around here, I finally got some fundage in my dwindling account again and we will wait with baited breath in anticipation of more stackage.

I played a tighter than usual 2 table peep yesterday afternoon and floundered around 10th, then took a shot on a 6 dollar version and took it down, peeping into the HOY

The tourney transpired like most of my MTT's lately. My timing seems to be off or something. In an interesting twist of fate, my tourney started and ended with the hammer.

First hand I'm dealt the hammer EP and smell an easy steal. I pop it up to 180 and get one caller, but the cagey dwarf made it over 400 in the BB and I had to dump it. I played my usual brand of loose/weak for almost an hour until I made my stand with the hammer and got sucked out by Aces....donkeys.

I popped into another token tourney and saw Jordan there. I played fast and loose and made the final table as chip leader, but I kept playing like a donkey and went out on 7th.

To end the night I made my buy-ins back playing .25/.50 HORSE and RAZZ.

Talk about free money....

I'm off to the BIG CITY at the crack of freaking dawn tomorrow for a whirlwind tech support and poker visit. I'll be hooking up with the aforementioned Jordan on Thursday, and whoever else we can scare up in NY for the Salami game. Hopefully I can keep up with my NY successes and bring home more money than I leave with.

I'll try to have a trip report up before Monday and I'll do my best to make the MOOK and Kat's friday tourney.

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