Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Fifth Street Blues

OK, Let me try this again, not that this is interesting in the least, but one must keep up appearances lest one fall off the face of the earth.

To explain, I write my posts in textpad copy, paste and edit them in blogger. Works like a charm 99.999% of the time for me. I was extremely busy yesterday, so I wrote my post, cut the text and pasted into blogger and submitted. I flip to another tab in firefox and I notice after awhile the little round busy dealy is still spinning on the blogger page. I go back to discover a blank page....ugh. No problem, I can just paste back into textpad and repeat. WRONG. I had copied a link, thus losing my post. So I have to place a small bit of blame on myself for being impatient.

Lesson Learned.

As I was trying to say, Friday was poker night in my donkahood, we played 11 handed for the first tourney and split to 2 tables of 6 for the second. I played very tight (yeah right) in the tourneys and got sucked upon in both of them, and no... no reach around was offered or anything, just pure un-adulterated fonkeyness to which BUTCH can attest.

I had the situations laid out in my other post, but now it doesn't matter. I put my chips in ahead in both circumstances and was thrown the doom switch by live cards. Bubble boy in the first tourney and 6th in the second.

Afterwards we played 1/2 limit in which I further offered my rectum for punishment.

Now isn't that a pleasant vision?

I had some more clever things to say or at least one clever thing, but I forgot.

I'm running near empty again on FT, go figure..I take more swings than Ann Heche and Mike Tyson combined.

I'll be in New York next week, but I'm not sure if I'll have time for social behavior. On the off chance, Thursday would be the night I could possibly do a meet and greet with fellow bloggers and possibly throw some cards around time permitting. So drop me a line if you might find yourself in the city without plans on the 26th.

and Hey! You be careful out there*

*my lame ass attempt at a tag line ala G-cox. sad aint it?


TripJax said...

*"Go fuck yourself Seattle!"

*The oops tagline from Anchorman. Classic.

Butch Howard said...

It was a truly stunning evening for me, too.

I want to try again and see if I can stick with my original plan (mantra: play tight and value bet) instead of getting drawn into the donkfest from frustration at the hands that were winning.

I think 'Billy Valentine' shook his head a few times, too.