Monday, April 02, 2007

Weekend wrap-up

I'm still dehydrated.

My weekend started on Thursday morning at 4:45AM. I turned the alarm off and drug my feet to the shower. It took a few minutes to register that the water was about 15 degrees too hot and I cowered to the corner of my shower stall. I eventually regained the feeling in my feet and wiped away the 4 hours of sleep from my eyes.

Ten minutes or so later I dried off and donned my travel gear. T-shirt, long sleeve shirt and wool jacket. I'd be leaving the humid comfort of Georgia to too-cold Airports and too warm airplanes only to arrive in the gawky in-between days of winter to spring in New York. I had to be prepared for the 50's while dressing in the 70's.

I got my comfy shoes, laptop bag, kissed the wife and kids in their slumber and headed to the busiest airport in the world. I cut it a little close on this occasion, only giving myself a little over an hour to get there and make it to the gate. I pulled into the airport with plenty of time to spare, but got caught in the drudgery of a just opening security check. I suppose they always get a bit backed up in the morning.

I got through the line on the way in and had my ticket checked by the Angel Lady. The Angel Lady has worked at the Airport for a while. I heard her talking sweetly to the passengers in front of me. She was a smaller black woman with tightly curled hair high on her head. I would say she was in her 50's but very well could have been north of that given the wrinkles around her always smiling mouth. She called everyone by their name and I dubbed her the Angel Lady since she was so sweet and had about 4 angels stuck to her sweater. I got up to her in line and I told her I liked her angels. She said " Oh thank you darlin', you know I didn't buy one of these charms. They were given to me by passengers" I told her it must be because she was such an angel. She laughed and shooed me away to the security gate.

I'm bringing an angel charm with me the next time I go to the airport.

I went straight to my seat as they were boarding the last few rows, my luck held out though as the plane was only half full and I had three seats to myself. I fell back to sleep before the plane took off.

The last time I came to New York, we had a limo waiting on us, this time I was alone, and decided to try the train. It wasn't too bad, even though I had no idea where I was going. I trusted the info I pulled from the crackberry was accurate, and it was. I got into Penn station and decided to try and check in to my room. The place I was staying was only a few blocks away, and I needed to get the blood moving. I knew going to the hotel first was a risk, being a bit before 10, but I wanted to relieve myself of some luggage and splash some warm water on my face.

The walk was good, but I was denied entry, aww fuckit. I hopped in a cab and headed to the office.

As I feared, the actual emergency took about 10 minutes to fix. There was plenty more for me to do though. I tried convincing Jordan to meet me at the salami game, but he was warmed up to the wife. I briefly entertained the possibility of going there on my own, but decided against it. I'm such a wuss.

I decided an early dinner and some rest was a better plan, I should actually know better than thinking thats going to happen for me, but I told myself at the time that I'd be good.

I arrived at the hotel around 7:15 and checked in. They tried to give me a hard time about using the wife's card, but I used the jedi mind trick on them and they left me alone. The secret to using the trick is to remain calm. If you keep your angle, and never let them fluster you, they will cave.

I flopped on to the bed and let my feet bark for a bit. I washed them off and changed socks. Total key to refreshing yourself right there. Clean dry feet and new like a charm.

I already knew where I was going to eat. I had passed the Irish pub 3 times, and it spoke to me. You can virtually guarantee decent service in an irish pub, I like to sit at the bar, and the bartenders are usually good for at least casual conversation.

I forget the name, but it was packed, as I gather every place in NY is, with after workers getting their drunk on and shooting the shit. I was lucky enough to get a spot at the end of the bar, right next to the wait station. I don't mind so much since I spent a fair part of my life working in bars and restaurants. I get a good idea of how its going to go after a few minutes by checking out the clientele, the waitstaff and the initial greeting from the bartender. He says hi less than thirty seconds after I have sat, despite being slammed. Excellent. I think to myself. Bartenders should know that the counter customer can be their best, or worst. I knew which one I was, so when I asked for a shot of Johnny Walker, and he filled a small rocks glass nearly to the rim. I knew I'd be fine here.

My bartender's name was Michael, I said hello to him, and shook his hand. I had a salad and fish and chips to eat. The food sucked, but I didn't care. The second scotch was on the house.This is where things slowly start going south for your hero.

I'll finish part 2 later on tonight or tomorrow.

SPOILER ALERT: I played HORSE with not 1 but 2 known pro's.

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