Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Odds and Sods

With all due respect and credit to The Register.

I was able to play a little live poker on Friday with my cigar buddies. The four of us played 5 $10 SNG's. I didn't manage to win a single one. Then I convinced the guys to come to my place since the cigar shop was closing and I managed to get back to -$10 from a low of -$80. It was particularly fun since my buddy the Dutch Oven decided to play a last longer on the final game for $50. I came back from a 4-1 chip deficit to take down the last tourney and win the last longer. Good Times.

If you didn't notice, I rewrote a little bit of the Salami Game. I got some expert advice and fixed the tense issues and reworked the ending. I still don't like the ending, but I'm not sure what to do with it. It went from too esoteric to too sappy. What are you gonna do? Pauly recommended reading Stephen King's On Writing, so I bought a copy off of Amazon.

I also bought 2 of the Rich Dad, Poor Dad books. I have never been very good at managing my money, so maybe this will help. Worst case scenario is I can pass on some rudimentary finance teaching to my children. Those little fuckers are gonna support me one day.

I also decided to start up a fantasy baseball league on yahoo for the bloggers. I thought head to head play would be a bit more fun than straight rotisserie. In H2H you play against a team for a week and score based on rotisserie categories. Whoever wins a category, gets a point. He who has the most points wins the week. So, on a weekly basis it's anyones game. So far, Chad and Shea have joined, you should too! So if you're thinking about joining please do, it's not as ghey as FUEL thinks, and he's the resident expert on gheyness. I also added a little prize pool to keep folks entertained.

Thats all for now, tomorrow marks one week of no online poker for me and boy is it a sacrifice.

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Pauly said...

Second draft reads much smoother.