Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Hi folks! I had a good bit of fun running in the WWDN last night. I sucked out a set early on versus poorly played kings and stayed in the top 5 for nearly the entire night. Unfortunately I couldn't will aces or a flush draw on my last hand and ended right in 5th. I was a bit perturbed, because I think if I had played a little less loose/agg at the final table I could have taken it down.

Despite a good showing last night, I'm taking a little break from online poker. I've decided to quit as a part of my Lenten obligation. Now, I may not be the most ardent of catholics, but we do try to observe the holy days.

This break will give me a chance to recollect on the last couple of months when I went completely batshit crazy as well as a chance for ePassporte to get their shit together so I can once again lose my money on a more consistent basis.
Weak has already warned me its a long process, so we shall see.

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Guin said...

For Lent why don't you give up nights without playing poker for at least 4 hours?

Now that would be a sacrifice!