Friday, February 09, 2007


Damn I'm a lazy bastard. I's still 'working' on my NY post which actually involves poker. Now I'm a week away from it, but its still a fun story..

I managed to get online last night and play in CC's Thursday tournament. I played really bad, pushing AKo against TT on a shit board. That's two blogger tourneys in a row I pushed knowing I was behind and not caring......anyway.

It all feels like fake money these days...until your stuck.

I managed to get some fundage in PS using a secret system developed by the Canadian mafia.

I played some 2/4NL with CC and Fuel It was strange when someone joined the game and said he knew who we were and read all of our blogs......I've actually never been told that by a non blogger. He (or she) was rocky and disappeared without another word several hands later. I played much better here doing my best Fuel impression and playing my hands hard and aggressive. I ramped up to 1100 on a fantastic run of cards and managed to whittle it back down to ~250 ...I stayed patient though and stacked the the guy who took about 400 off of me in one hand. I got it back up to about 890-ish before the table dispersed. I played a 2 table SNG as well and got 2nd in that. It sure is nice to double your bankroll in one session. My thanks goes to the Canadian mafia, enjoy your juice.

Poker craziness TONIGHT

It is the Monthly poker tournament for the Neighborhood. I am hosting it at my house instead of the clubhouse cause the woman who is in charge of booking events there is either A) A complete moron or B) A frigid hateful bitch C) All of the above. I'm gonna have to go with C. I don't mind playing at my house except for the fact that I've got to get the damn 300 pound table from the clubhouse. Hopefully the my buddy Dutch Oven will help me out with that. There will be a guest blogger at the event George is making the trip from Mayretta to the boonies to sling ships with the donks. It should be a hoot. If any other ATLiens want to come, then drop me a line. We start around 8. 23skidoo@ GEE!MAIL! .com

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